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27 October 2009


Silversea has long recognised that authentic luxury is often simply a scent, a texture, an image or a taste that stirs the emotions and deepens one’s enjoyment of life, so it should not be surprising that some of the luxury innovations aboard Silver Spirit are subtle, almost elusive touches. 

One such amenity you'll be pleased to learn about is a new option for guests to personalise their suite experience with a trio of scents created by renowned Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto.  The fragrances are gently dispersed throughout the room by a reed diffuser placed in each suite, and of course, the service is complimentary.

Born in Turin, Laura Tonatto has a devoted following in Italy and is famous for developing scents inspired by literature.  Her award-winning perfume Oltre, for example, gives a sense of the sea as being "oltre" or "beyond."  It was inspired by Plutarch's essay, "On Contentment of the Mind."  She has also reconstructed many ancient recipes for perfumes, including Syrian Water from the 1st century BCE.  Among her personal clients are the King and Queen of Sweden.


Imagine yourself walking along a sandy shore, letting the natural scent of the boundless sea free your thoughts and shape your mood.  Such a rich emotional atmosphere is captured by Laura Tonatto's Oltre, the standard aromatherapy fragrance featured in all suites.


Feeling stressed by the pace and pressures of daily life?  Then you might opt to sample Albi, one of the alternative room scents that are also available.  With its head note of lavender, Albi could be the perfect choice for a totally relaxing experience.  Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy to ease exhaustion, irritability and even insomnia.


Or maybe the sweet scent of orange blossoms is your personal favourite.  The calming, soothing benefits of this flower are well known to aromatherapists.  Laura Tonatto chose orange blossom as the head note for her fragrance Fiori d'Arancio, available as an alternative scent for your suite.

Whether it's Oltre, Albi or Fiori d'Arancio, these refreshing room scents are sure to make your voyage aboard Silver Spirit the ultimate sensory experience.  Just let your butler know your preference. 

Laura Tonatto room scents will also be offered throughout the Silversea fleet starting in early 2010.


Images of seashore and lavender: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Orange blossoms photo by Ellen Levy Finch / TheBestLinks.com

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20 October 2009


The accommodation aboard Silver Spirit has been carefully designed to ensure your complete comfort and relaxation.  Upon entering your suite, one of the special amenities your butler will point out is a selection of pillow choices.  The extensive menu offers eight different pillow types, from soft down to memory foam.   And for a truly restorative sleep experience, you can also select between two aromatherapy pillow covers.  All Silversea ships will feature the pillow menu in 2010.

Here are the options:

Popular Pillow - Our soft sleeping pillow in 25% down and 75% feather has the most popular blend to provide you with tranquil sleep and subtle neck support.

Prominent Pillow - With a firm core our medium-firm sleeping pillow in 30% down and 70% feather provides luxurious support for your neck or under your knees.

Pronounced Pillow - Our firmest sleeping pillow, for a diamond support sleep experience … providing extra neck support while you rest, or back support when reading in bed.

Memory Foam Pillow - Let our memory foam pillow mould to your unique sleeping shape for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Buckwheat Pillow - Our buckwheat pillow relieves body aches or pains, sleeplessness and snoring.

Body Pillow - Our body pillow adds extra fluff and puff to your sleep.  For the ultimate luxury sleep experience and a full-body hug from head to toe, try this pillow with a 100% silk charmeuse pillow case.

Aqua Plush Pillow - This super luxurious aqua plush polyester down alternative fill will have you wondering if it isn't really down!

Fairfax Polyester Pillow - Our firm down alternative pillow in Fairfax polyester provides excellent support for both your neck and back.

Tiara Cottons & Silks - The Tiara Collection pillow covers in 300-thread-count cotton or 100% silk charmeuse have hidden pockets for scent sachets to bring the soothing scents of chamomile or lavender directly to your pillow, enhancing  your ability to sleep.

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12 October 2009


This new blog series takes a look at the talented people responsible for putting the “Grand” in Silver Spirit’s Grand Inaugural Voyage 2010.

Interview with Darius Mehta: “Grand Event Planner”

As Silversea's Director of Land Programmes, Darius Mehta is responsible for designing the shore excursions, multiple-day land programmes and hotel packages that enhance overall the Silversea experience.

In addition to the variety of complimentary events and excursions, what is one of the most exciting optional excursions available to Grand Inaugural Voyage guests?

When Silver Spirit visits Punta Arenas, Chile, guests will have the opportunity to join an Antarctic Expedition. A chartered flight takes guests to King George Island on the Antarctic Peninsula, where they can discover some of the White Continent’s natural wonders including penguins, icebergs and scientific research stations. The 13-hour adventure is a once in a lifetime experience.

What are your goals when planning excursions for Silver Spirit's 91-day voyage?

Variety and diversity. Silver Spirit is set to explore over 20 countries and 45 ports on her 91-day Grand Inaugural Voyage, and I want to ensure our guests have the opportunity to experience as much as they can in each and every port-of-call. With the right excursion, memorable experiences can be taken away from the most unexpected places.

What are luxury travellers looking for in shore excursions these days?

Since the Grand Inaugural Voyage is attracting travellers from many different demographic groups, guests are looking for the whole gamut of shore excursion options.  However, everyone these days is looking for unique and off-the-beaten-track travel experiences. They want to experience things that they can share with their family and friends back home. They also want exclusive access to places that they normally wouldn't be able to enjoy on their own.

What are the greatest challenges you face in your job?

Dealing with local port infrastructures can be very challenging. At Silversea, we operate excursions in over 300 different ports. Not every port will have the type of transportation, dining options and quality tour guides that our well-travelled guests expect. As a result, we're always very careful to manage guest expectations correctly.   

In your opinion, what is one of the greatest advantages of a leisurely cruise like the Grand Inaugural Voyage? 

I truly believe cruising is the best vacation option available today. Cruising gives you incredible access with great convenience to see amazing places that are often very difficult to experience independently.

How are you able to accomplish all the work that goes into planning 91 days and 45 ports of interesting, enticing excursions and events?

There are 5 people working with me in Silversea’s Fort Lauderdale offices. They are a wonderful team of extremely talented individuals who are experts in their fields. They also have a love of travel and are dedicated to making sure our guests have the most memorable vacation experience possible.

On a personal note, where haven't you gone yet that you want to visit?

I've never been to Antarctica and it's been a dream of mine to go. I may just need to join our upcoming Antarctica Expedition for some research...yes research.

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09 October 2009


Rudi Scholdis, Silversea Culinary Director, sailed aboard Silver Spirit during recent sea trials and here posts the last of a series of video blogs from his trip.

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