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09 February 2010


Get a close-up look at some of Silver Spirit's dining options and culinary delicacies in this new video.  Warning: Could be hazardous to New Year's resolutions of the dieting sort!

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05 February 2010


It's a film buff's dream come true!  Guests aboard Silver Spirit's Grand Inaugural Voyage will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with motion picture luminaries to discover the art of filmmaking through discussion panels, screenings and enlightening presentations. 

An amazing trio of filmmaking professionals is gearing up to host the 20 February, 16-day segment from Buenos Aires to Santiago.

Guests on this special voyage will enjoy an enrichment programme hosted by award-winning actress Karen Allen, best known for her role as Marion Ravonwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.






Also on hand will be award-winning production designer Kristi Zea, renowned for her work on such films as The Departed, Good Fellas and As Good as It Gets.







Guests will also gain a few tips and an insider's perspective from screenwriter Ron Nyswaner, whose screenplay for The Painted Veil won the National Board of Review's Best Adapted Screenplay Award.






And the parade of filmmaking professionals doesn't stop there.  Another fascinating guest speaker we've lined up for the Grand Inaugural Voyage is award-winning filmmaker Hugh Thomson.  His acclaimed ten-hour BBC documentary series Dancing in the Street: A Rock and Roll History was nominated for a Bafta award and another of his film series, Indian Journeys, also made for the BBC, won the Grierson Award for Best Documentary Series.   Thomson is also an author and explorer, with special expertise in explorations of Inca settlements in Peru and far-reaching travels in Mexico.  He will host presentations with a regional focus on two segments:  #5006, a 14-day cruise from Valparaiso to Acapulco departing 8 March (featuring an overnight stay in Lima); and #5007, a 10-day sailing to Los Angeles departing Acapulco 22 March.

A grand voyage indeed!

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01 February 2010


The privileged guests of Silver Spirit's Grand Inaugural Voyage witnessed an exhilarating polo match this past Saturday as the Spirit Red and Spirit White teams battled to a 4-4 tie at the prestigious Lion Castle Polo Estate in Barbados. 

For many attending the game, it was their first encounter with the sport of kings and offered an authentic experience of the culture of this small eastern Caribbean island which established its first polo club in 1884 -- the Barbados Polo Club.  Today Barbados is home to no less than four polo grounds, one of which, coincidentally, was the site of a fundraising match on the following day featuring England's Prince Harry.

At Lion Castle, the Royal Barbados Police Band entertained while guests sipped champagne and relaxed at the clubhouse prior to the start of the Spirit Cup Polo Match -- one of several complimentary onshore events designed exclusively for guests sailing 70 days or more of the Grand Inaugural Voyage.

Silversea's Chief Operating Officer, Kenneth Watson, and Silver Spirit's Captain, Angelo Corsaro, also attended the event and were on hand to accept from the teams' captains a beautiful hand-painted ceramic plaque commemorating the match.

We're pleased to share a selection of photos taken at this exciting game:


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