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22 July 2011

Luxury Travel Insider Tip: Capri

Lemon blossoms scent the air, while purple bougainvillea, pastel houses and panoramas of the Tyrrhenian Sea dazzle the senses. This is the Isle of Capri, renowned as much for its natural beauty as for the fame of those who visit. Roman Emperor Tiberius retired to Capri where he built lavish villas. In the 19th century the island became a popular haunt for European artists, poets, scholars and musicians looking for inspiration. And more recently, celebrities from Maria Callas and Frank Sinatra to Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford have been captivated by its charm.

This tiny speck of an island in the Bay of Naples continues to enchant discerning travellers with its impressive cliffs, fragrant gardens, seaside cafés and magnificent views. World traveller Ralph Grizzle, publisher of Avid Cruiser, recently explored Capri on one of our optional full-day excursions offered from Sorrento. Watch this short film and join him on his journey, as he shares tips for avoiding the crowds and making the most of your visit to Capri.

Several Silversea Mediterranean voyages in 2011 and 2012 offer the chance to visit this fascinating Italian island from the port of Sorrento. Here's a small sampling:


Voyage 5129: Silver Spirit, Athens to Monte Carlo, 30 September - 7 October

Voyage 1126B: Silver Cloud, Rome to Athens, 5 - 14 October

Voyage 2129: Silver Wind, Rome to Athens, 11 - 18 October


Voyage 5214: Silver Spirit, Rome to Venice, 31 May - 7 June

Voyage 2217: Silver Wind, Athens to Rome , 4 - 13 June

Voyage 5225: Silver Spirit, Venice to Monte Carlo, 27 August - 3 September

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13 July 2011

How to Travel Like a Movie Star

Do you breeze through airports with the grace and style of a star like Marion Cotillard (whose films include the runaway hit movie Midnight in Paris)? How do globetrotting celebrities always manage to look so carefree and fashionable when going through the same airport hurdles and delays endured by the rest of us? Well, let's face it, they probably have an entourage to keep them looking crisp and fabulous!

But there is a simple step you can take to make your travels smoother. Smart luxury travellers of the 21st-century are embracing the art of journeying sans baggage. If you're still lugging your suitcases across continents, let this be your wake-up call!

Silver Shore Baggage Valet

Enhance your Silversea holiday by sending your luggage ahead of you. Our Silver Shore Baggage Valet service conveniently begins and ends at your front door, allowing your luggage to travel to the ship and back home again from many ports.

Your luggage can be picked up from your home or office and travel to many worldwide destinations, enabling you to travel with ease. Considering current airport security and baggage restrictions, Silver Shore Baggage Valet provides peace of mind before and after your journey.

For your convenience, we offer roundtrip and one-way service options. Pricing is based on the weight and number of pieces to be shipped. For most international embark ports, we require the luggage be picked up 10 to 14 business days prior to your sail date. Each piece of luggage is insured up to a maximum of US$2,000.

Thirty-day advance notice prior to sail date is recommended for this service.

For additional information, kindly contact your travel professional, email us at Valet@Silversea.com or call Silversea:

In North America: 954.522.4477 or toll-free 800.722.9955

In the UK: 0844.770.9030

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